Early socialization helps your puppy become confident and helps to prevent the development of behavior problems.
Well socialized dogs live more relaxed, peaceful and happy lives than dogs who are constantly nervous about their environment.  We make sure our puppies are well accustomed to human life, becoming comfortable with the everyday sights, sounds, people and animals that will be a part of their lives.
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Your puppy was born and grew up inside a comfy family home.  We are with the puppies from the time they are born until they go home.  They share their home with their mommy and three other well trained and socialized Goldens who also adore the puppies.  All of our Goldens live a plush life.

The puppies were born in the living room.  During the day, they are in the main part of the house with us.  At night, the pups are carried to a cozy bedroom where one of us sleeps with mommy and puppies every night. 


Your puppy has never been put into a garage, outdoor pen or other area that a person would find uncomfortable.


Very young puppies bond closely with their mommy first.  She is very loving and caring toward her babies. A little later, the puppies' affection extends to their littermates and humans. 

These lovely puppy babies are cuddled and loved, enjoying contact with their humans.  They are held and closely cared for.  Their nose, ears, toes and later, their teeth are attended to so that they become used to this kind of grooming.

Early on they respond positively to being spoken to tenderly. This facilitates their natural bonding to humans and positive response to the human voice.

Golden retrievers are one of the most linguistic breeds. They can learn many words and phrases.  As with a human child, an early start is essential to develop this. The more you talk to your Golden puppy, the more language will be learned.

Puppies are exposed to all household noises, people and other pets, etc. so that they will be accustomed to these sounds.  Everything the puppies are exposed to early helps them become well-socialized adults.


We increase the size of the nest as they grow and begin to play with each other.  Play helps them to form friendships with other puppies and people, as well as enhancing their ability to solve problems.

Around six weeks of age, the puppies venture out onto the lawn where they enjoy exercise and playing with each other in the early mornings or late afternoons.

They learn that their world is a wonderful place.

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