the Sire and Dam

of the Current Litter

Puppies in Daisy Field.jpg

Puppies' Sire and Dam


The sire is beautiful, with a light colored shiny coat and large dark eyes.  He is just what is expected of a male golden.  He has a great personality, is very good natured, friendly and is a good sport.  He enjoys playing and running about in the field, and cuddles with us when we are inside the house. 

This is the puppies' mommy.  She is beautiful, with excellent form and is athletic. She has large eyes with dark eyeliner.  Beautiful iridescent feathers frame her light blonde coat.  She has a great temperament: sweet affectionate disposition and serene.  She is affectionate, full of love and smart.

Our dogs are our family.  They live with us in a nice cozy home, and we provide each one with individual love, attention and care.  For this reason, puppies are available during a limited time of the year.

These parents are perfectly what Lord Tweedmouth envisioned when he developed the breed in the late 1800's.  The versatility of Goldens surpassed his expectations, for these wonderful creatures are employed as guide dogs and of course, make wonderful family pets.


A Brief History

The goal for many Scottish breeders was to create a superb retriever suited to the their climate, terrain and available game. Records kept from 1850 to 1890 at the Guisachan estate of Dudley Marjoribanks, first Lord Tweedmouth, near Inverness, Scotland, record the successful development of the original line of Golden Retrievers.

Lord Tweedmouth wanted more than a purely utilitarian hunting dog.  He wanted a beautiful dog with unmatched skill and physicality suited for retrieving, one who has an abundance of natural intelligence, is biddable with an exceptional eagerness to please.  He also wanted a dog who was amiable and enjoyed settling beside him in front of the fireplace. 


The foundation or beginning of the golden retriever was his Tweed Water Spaniel named Belle.  She had this marvelous combination of characteristics. Although she is now extinct as a separate breed, she lives on in our beloved Golden Retrievers thanks to Lord Tweedmouth.

The basket of golden retriever puppies is from our kindergarten images.  They are typical offspring of the parents of this litter.  You can view this series on the lower side of this page.  They grow more beautiful with each week.

The photos below give a glimpse of golden retrievers as they emerge from tiny newborns to exquisite puppies.