BIS Am CH Asterling Austin-Healey OS SDHF
BIS Am. CH Gold Coast Here Comes The Sun CD OS SDHF
BIS Am. CH Twin-Beau-D's Hi Speed Chase OS SDHF
BIS Am CH Cloverdale Twin-Beau-D Joy OD SDHF
BISS Am CH Asterling Go Getm Gangbuster OS SDHF
BISS Am./Can. CH Colacove Commando Di Sham
BISS Am./Can. CH Gold-Rush's Great Teddy Bear OS SDHF
BISS Am CH Twin Beau D's JJ OS
BIS Am Can CH Amberac's Asterling Aruba OD SDHF


among them:

Am CH Cragmount's Peter OS SDHF
Am Ch Hunts Finnegan OS SDHF
Am CH Sun Dance's Vegas Dealer CDX WC SDHF
Am CH Wochica's Okeechobee Jake OS SDHF
Am CH. Sun Dance's Moonlight Gambler CDX WC OS SDHF
Am. CH Goldwing True Bear OS SDHF
Am. CH Krishna's E Z Goin CD OS SDHF
Am. CH Sarrin's General Nuisance OS SDHF
Am. CH Sunshine's Golden Tomorrows CD WC OS SDHF
Am. CH. Amberac's Hi Thyme Rycroft OS SDHF
Am. CH. Bundocks Bowman Of Eldomac CD OS SDHF
Am. CH. Cragmount's Hi-Lo OS SDHF
Am. CH. Czar Of Wildwood OS SDHF
Am. CH. Duckdown's Spannew CD OS SDHF
Am. CH. Finderne Gold Cloud Of Kent OS SDHF
Am. CH. Frantelle's Fiddler SDHF
Am. CH. Furore Harvest Gold SDHF
Am. CH. Ginwal's Hi-Flyer SDHF
Am. CH. Golden Knoll's Shur Shot CD OS SDHF
Am. CH. Golden Knoll's Town Talk CD *** SDHF
Am. CH. High Farms Sutter's Gold SDHF
Am. CH. Hilane Sirocco * SDHF
Am. CH. Hunt's Copperfield Daemon CD TD WC OS SDHF
Am. CH. King Of Braewick's Falcon SDHF
Am. CH. Laurell's Scarlett O'Beara OD SDHF

among them:

Am./Can. CH Glenru's Rusty Nail Can. CD OS SDHF
Am. /Can. CH. Sienna SunnyBrae Fire Chaser CD OS SDHF
Am./Can. CH. Asterling's Wild Blue Yonder OS SDHF
Am./Can. CH. Auric Of Wildwood SDHF
Am./Can. CH. Beckwith's Malagold Flash
Am./Can. CH. Chee-Chee Of Sprucewood OD SDHF
Am./Can. CH. Des Lacs Lassie CD WC OD SDHF
Am./Can. CH. Golden Knoll's King Alphonzo OS SDHF
Am./Can. CH. Golden Pine's Easy Ace WC OS SDHF
Am./Can. CH. Goldrush's Contender UD OS SDHF
Am./Can. CH. Kachina Twenty Karat OS SDHF
Am./Can. CH. Laurell's Especial Jason
Am./Can. CH. Sailor's Copper King CD SDHF
Am./Can. CH. Smithaven's Benchmark Caper CD OS SDHF
Am./Can. CH. Speedwell Pluto SDHF OS
Am./Can. CH. Sprucewood's Chocki OS SDHF
Am./Can. CH. Sprucewood's Chore Boy *** SDHF DDHF
Am./Can. CH. Sun Dance's Vagabond Lover CDX SDHF OS
Am./Can. CH. Vagabond's Cougar Bill CD OS SDHF
Am./Can./Bda. CH. Cummings' Gold-Rush Charlie OS
Am./Can./Bda./Mex./Col. CH. Beckwith's Copper Coin OS SDHF
Am./Can./Mex. CH. Cal-Vo's Happy Ambassador
Am./Can./SKC CH. Bruwins Geauxlden Buddy OS SDHF
Am.Can. Ch. Chrys-Haefen Fox Fire
Am/Bda CH Copper Lee Gold Rush Apollo OS SDHF
Am/Can CH Golden Knoll's Duke of Hammett CD SDHF
Am/Can CH Krishna's Klassic Kachina OS SDHF
Am/Can CH Sutter Creek Goldrush Flyboy WC OS SDHF
Am/Can CH. Honor's Grandeur CDX WC OS SDHF
Am/Can/Bda/Jpn CH Laurell's Jiminy Crickett OS SDHF
Am/Can CD ODCan Ch Goldenquest's Love Song CanCD


among them:

Danish CH Anbria Laurel
Danish CH Anbria Joriemour Lizbeth
Danish CH. Camrose Quixote
DK CH Dienesmindes Ottine
DK CH Tansdale Gill
DK CH Anbria Tarlatan
Fin CH Ipcress Sea Quest
Fin. CH. Apports Corinna
Fin. CH. Greenglen Golden Gown of Lislone
Fin. CH. Thenford Hamish
INTUCH NORDUCH Dewmist Chrysander
Norw CH Dewmist Maxamillion
Norw. CH Dewmist Deirdre Dee
NUCH Dewmist Solitaire
NUCH Fairwood's Duck Aporter
NUCH Sv-90 Dewmist Syretta
SUCH NUCH INTUCH Sansue Golden Arrow
Swed. CH. Cabus Clipper
Swed. CH. Stenbury Seamusic
Swed. SH CH/Norw. CH Marjamez Masterpiece



Champions in the puppies direct lineage include Best in Show, American, Canadian, English and Scandinavian Champions, Australian as well as British and American Field Champions.  Their ancestry includes the Kennel Dewmist, the most renown kennel in Scandinavia.

among them:

Can CH Goldenquest Sutter Creek Lyric
Can Ch. Brenjo's Torch O'Loch Ness CD
Can. CH Beckwith's Chrys-Haefen Hamlet
Can. CH Candace Of Nanno OD
Can. CH Drexholme Ling OD
Can. CH Farview Ginfiz Of Glenru OD
Can. CH Krishna Foxwood Charlie B
Can. CH OTCH Am CH Legend Of Piperdowns Am UD TD
Can. CH. Beckwith's Flare At Northgame
Can. CH. Camrose Yallyrand
Can. CH. Chrys-Haefen Spring Entity
Can. CH. Dame Daphne
Can. Ch. Deegoljay's Amorous Artist
Can. CH. Foxbury Peter
Can. CH. Gilnockie Bingo
Can. CH. Gilnockie Patience
Can. CH. Janville Delegate
Can. CH. Mel-Bach's Golden Explorer
Can. CH. Noranby Eventide **
Can. CH. Northland's Serena
Can. CH. Rockhaven Amber
Can. CH. Rockhaven Aurelius Prince

among them:

Eng. CH. Noranby Deirdre
Eng. SH. CH. Dorcas Allways Pinkhill Rosa
Eng. CH. Deerflite Endeavour Of Yeo
Eng. SH. CH. Samdor Stolford Samarkand
Eng. CH. Briar Of Arbrook
Eng. CH. Camrose Pruella Of Davern
Eng. SH. CH. Peatling Stella Of Teecon
Eng. CH. Haulstone Marker
Eng. CH. Colthill Dan
Eng. CH. Heydown Grip
Eng. FT. CH. Anningsley Crakers
Eng. CH. Birling James Of Somersby
Eng. CH. Lakol of Yelme
Eng. CH. Camrose Lucius
Eng. CH. Camrose Tallyrand of Anbria
Eng. FT. CH. Haulstone Larry
Eng. SH. CH. Anbria Andrew Of Arbrook
Eng. FT. CH. John Of Auchencheyne
Eng./Am. CH. Bingo of Yelme ***
Eng. CH. Deerflite Headline
Eng. SH. CH. Gamebird Debonair Of Teecon
Eng. CH. Kasanova Of Kuldana

among them:

AFC Bonnie Brooks Mike
FDHFAFC Gunnerman's Coin of Copper OS
FDHFAFC Happy Thanksgiving CD
FDHFAFC Holway Barty OS
FDHFAFC Sunshine Cake
FDHFAm. Dual CH. AFC Squawkie Hill Dapper Dexter
FDHFAm. Dual CH.-AFC Ronakers Novato Cain CD OS
FDHFAm. Dual CH/AFC Craigmar Dustrack OS
FDHFFC AFC Briggs Lake Mac
FDHFFC AFC FTCH Bonnie Brooks Elmer OS
FDHFFC AFC FTCH Stilrovin Tuppee Tee
FDHFFC AFC Northbreak Kinike Sir Jim OS
FDHFFC AFC Oakcreek's Fremont
AFC Tangelo's Side Kick OS FDHFFC
AFC Tigathoe's Kiowa II OS
FDHFFC AFC Tyson Rowdy
FDHFFC Goldwood Tuck
FDHF OSFC Pirate Of Golden Valley
FDHFFC Royal Peter Golden Boy
FDHFFC Stilrovin Super Speed
FDHFFC Whitebridge Wally
FDHFFC/AFC Sungold Lad's Talisman OS
FDHFFC-AFC Brandy Snifter


among them:

Aus. CH. Sunlodge Hero
Aus. CH. Tahmero Golden Charmer
Aus. CH. Tahmero Lottys Sundancer
Aust Ch Andalee Lady Celeste
Aust CH Kahowtek Artemis
Aust Ch Kyvalley Kipling
Aust. CH. Glennessa Seahawk Of Stenbury (Imp UK)
Aust. CH. Lawnwoods Rustic Rian UD
NZ Ch Azzigold Maid for Buffalo
NZ CH Chelsea Golden Sherry
NZ CH Diver Of Ipsden
NZ CH Judith of Riverslea
NZ CH Marshland Carl
NZ CH Roundwood Charm
NZ CH. Alresford Standard
NZ CH. Lairds Lass of Huntington
NZ Dual CH Gold Laddie Of Huntington