Cleanliness & Weaning

We begin at birth to set our puppies on the path of a happy, healthy life.  Many may let nature take its course but we have found there are a few practices which when performed early result in benefits for puppy, mom and ultimately you.

Shortly after birth, our newborn puppies are bathed to clean them of amniotic fluid.  If left on the coat and skin, this fluid would result in a build up of unpleasant smelly odor and irritated skin.


What this means in the long run is that the adult dog that was cleaned this way from the first five minutes after birth will have less doggy odor.

Golden Retriever Puppy Spa

Soft cotton towels line their nest and are changed many times a day.  We keep two separate nests so that the nests themselves can be washed down every day.


As the puppies and nest are kept  super clean, we never have to use harsh cleaners such as bleach near the puppies, and our puppies are not exposed to potentially harmful chemicals.


Experiencing the cleanliness of their first home, the puppies do not become accustomed to being dirty.  This makes it easier to housetrain them.

Mommy and baby love each other.

Golden Retriever Puppy

Additionally, puppies are given a nice warm bath every other day.  Debris is never allowed to build up on them. 


With regular and frequent bathing, soap is not required.  This is much better for their delicate skin.

Golden Retriever Puppy

To further facilitate housetraining:

Once they are mobile, puppies are given definite feeding, playing, sleeping, and elimination areas.


This starts them on the path to learning to use one area for elimination.  Of course, the entire nest, including the potty area is kept clean and dry.

We work hard to keep their area clean, and we never use wood shavings with our puppies.  These can be ingested and cause a gastro intestinal blockage necessitating surgery.  Also, the shavings can get lodged in a puppy's eyelid, causing corneal abrasion and possibly blindness.

Golden Retriever

A healthy golden retriever who is  thriving and enjoying life.


Weaning is a gradual process in which your puppy is introduced to a high quality food that contains only human grade protein from farms in Australia and New Zealand. This meets the nutritional requirements of very young large breed puppies.


The nutritional needs of a large breed puppy are different from smaller breed puppies. 


Research has consistently shown that it is extremely important that puppies do not become overweight or grow too fast. 


Large breed puppies benefit from proper levels of fat calories, protein, and calcium.  The correct balance of nutrients promotes proper skeletal and soft tissue growth.



All her life, she has enjoyed lots of play and exercise, sleeping in the bedroom, high quality food, baths, brushing and having her paws, ears and teeth kept clean.


We assist during birth and after so that her physical, social and emotional needs are met.

Because of the demands of raising puppies, she is washed more often and her teeth are gently brushed every day.  She has been switched to a high quality puppy food during the time she nurses so that both her nutritional needs and those of the puppies are well supported.